Property management software for small rental agencies

A rental partner you can grow with

Agencies with 5 – 200 properties

As the managing director of a growing business, you also function as the head of rentals, maintenance coordinator, office manager, tenant finder and landlord farmer. PayProp can be your go-to rental payment partner. Discover why PayProp is the perfect fit for your business and hundreds of other growing agencies across South Africa and worldwide.

  • Unlimited world-class support and onboarding
  • Flexible pricing based on the size of your business
Save time and grow

Supercharge your growth by 20%*

PayProp frees up your time so you can grow your portfolio. For some new businesses, PayProp is their crucial first investment. Join PayProp and see why start-up and growing agencies are growing on average 20%* in their first year of using PayProp.

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Some great growing businesses we work with

Growing businesses love these features

Payment automation

PayProp automatically matches and reconciles rent to the right tenant and property, saving you countless hours. Set rules once to pay your commission, contractors, landlords and any other recipients on the same day you receive the rent.

Client communications

Never forget an invoice, statement or receipt again! Automate branded invoices, payment notifications and reminders to your tenants and landlords so everyone knows what payment is due when.

Arrears management

Spot and prevent bad payment behaviour before it becomes an issue. PayProp’s live payment status view shows you the moment rent is late and our tools allow you to automatically charge arrears fees and send proactive reminders via e-mail and text message to prompt tenants to pay their rent.

Angelina Franchitti
Angelina Franchitti
ESTAS Awards Feedback
From start to finish the experience has been exceptional.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use PayProp from any device?

Yes. PayProp is optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone use.

Does PayProp integrate with other systems?

Yes, PayProp works with Fixflo, Teclet, Xero (thanks to our partnership with Automated Accounting), Homebox and PadBoss, with more integrations being added all the time. You can also integrate PayProp with your preferred in-house software, thanks to our fully-documented API.

How much does PayProp cost?

We make pricing easy. Your cost is based on the size of your portfolio – the more you process, the lower your percentage fee. Speak to our team for a proposal tailored to your business. Learn more about pricing.

Why should I request a demo?

Once you have filled in the demo request form, one of our PayProp experts will reach out to book your demo at a time that is convenient for you.

Demos are one-on-one sessions where you'll get a detailed look at the PayProp platform, how integration and transition work, and more detailed pricing information based on your unique business.