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Say goodbye to delays and mismatches.

Enjoy stress-free client money management with PayProp's trust accounts.

The PayProp dashboard
Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Trusted trust accounting

Absolute trust money confidence

PayProp holds all processed funds directly in Absa trust accounts. Additionally, PayProp carries separate professional indemnity insurance to cover any unforeseen eventualities.

Take your payment processes to the next level

Intelligent reconciliation

Automatically match payments to the right tenants in a few seconds – no matter how your tenants choose to pay.

Straight-through processing

With one end-to-end process, our streamlined rental payments can have you receive, reconcile and pay out rent on the same day the tenant pays.

Flexible payment rules

Maintain total control of your payments with flexible rules, pre-set by you per property. Once rent is paid and reconciled, the money goes where you need it to.

Property account

Automatically hold rent in reserve for those little property emergencies. Our Property account lets you pay approved contractor bills, taxes and other expenses without needing to invoice your landlord or wait until the rent is paid.

Additional benefits

Quick rent payouts

Faster payments

PayProp's integration with the banking system enables faster payouts, including your commission. Our tech lets your landlords receive their funds the day rent is received, improving your agency’s cash flow.

  • Landlords get paid faster
  • Receive your commission as soon as the rent hits your account
  • Attract & retain the best contractors
Visualisation of payments coming and going
International payment success
International rental payments

International payments

Paying overseas landlords is easy with PayProp. Just add their international bank details, and our platform will do the rest, ensuring that they will get their rent no matter where your landlords live.

  • Pay overseas landlords quickly
  • No more money transfer headaches
Great cash flow

Bill certain fees to the tenant.

When switched on for these payment options, the tenant will be automatically billed for the third-party payment fees in question.

  • Saves time
  • Your agency recoups the fees, without any hassle
  • Automatically billed to the tenant
International payment success
International payment success
Unit management

Unit management

This version of PayProp is built specifically for unit management, providing features that allow efficient, transparent and secure processing of sectional title levies.

  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Customised user permissions
Mark Prest
Mark Prest
John Prest Property Management
The product and service they offer would not only provide a better service than what we were already giving clients, but would also greatly reduce our time collecting rental payments, sending statements, paying contractors etc., amongst other numerous time-saving benefits which PayProp’s service provides. Absolutely brilliant!

More features


PayProp’s advanced industry trends analysis keeps you fully informed, allowing you to make the best decisions possible for your business.

Security and compliance

Thousands of agents trust PayProp to manage their payments, so our top priority is to ensure that their data is kept secure.

Arrears management

Catch arrears before they become a problem with live payment status views. Send proactive reminders via e-mail and SMS message.

See PayProp in action

Let us show you how to get more out of work and more out of life!

  • Real-time property management
  • Real-time bank integration
  • Real-time reconciliation & payments