For highly motivated rental agents, figuring out how to spend more time doing what you love is the ultimate challenge. Luckily, Dylan Coffen has the answer: automating time-consuming tasks with PayProp.

Interview with

Dylan Coffen
Dylan Coffen
Owner, Dormehl Phalane Property Group Midrand

Time – the most precious resource

With PayProp streamlining his rental payment administration, Dylan gets back more time with his family – getting lunch with them after a busy morning at work, or supporting his children’s growing careers in fashion and modelling. He can check in on his portfolio from anywhere, on any device, so he has the flexibility to work wherever he wants.

“I don’t have to be at the office to manage the process. I could simply be at the beach, manage my business and know that our agents and clients are being looked after.” Dylan Coffen, Owner
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A sustainable future

Dylan says Dormehl Phalane isn’t built around sales but around an asset, its rental portfolio. Thanks to PayProp, his business can enjoy the secure regular income of a successful rental portfolio, without shouldering the administrative overhead that less tech-enabled rental agents are saddled with.

“As a small business owner, if we did not find PayProp when we started, I do not believe our rental department would exist at the moment.” Dylan Coffen, Owner
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Looking ahead

Dylan now plans to use the time he saves with PayProp to grow his business, with the first target being to get 200 properties onto the books.

“PayProp is my future. It’s allowed me to build a business of value.” Dylan Coffen, Owner

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