Emile Grobelaar, the General Manager of Destinata Properties, knows the difference that clear and transparent financial management makes to real estate investors and tenants.

Interview with

Emile Grobelaar
Emile Grobelaar
General Manager, Destinata Properties
Sonia Wilson
Sonia Wilson
Destinata Properties Administrator
“The program [PayProp] works very, very well. It provides a lot of information to our clients, meaning the owners, as well as the tenants.” Emile Grobelaar, General Manager

But it’s not just his clients who benefit.

“Our accountants and auditors, they prefer only to work with clients that have PayProp as a system to do rentals with. Purely because of the ease of the trust account that is being audited.” Emile Grobelaar, General Manager

This makes audit season easy for the Destinata Properties team,as it frees them up to go out and focus on growing their business while the competition scrabbles for paperwork to satisfy the annual audit.

More than just an accounting platform

That being said, the PayProp advantage doesn’t stop with financial management. Sonia Wilson, Destinata Properties administrator, explains how features like the exclusive Tenant Assessment Report and credit check are essential to the tenant placement process.

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"When it comes to a new application, I've got to do the vetting, it's very easy [with PayProp]." Sonia Wilson, Properties administrator

One of the key benefits of the platform is its automation, which allows Sonia to focus on other aspects of the business.

"It does basically everything for you, from invoicing your tenants, to looking after your owners, to helping you with your own work." Sonia Wilson, Properties administrator
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World-class support

Occasionally, any agency may need support – even with technology as user-friendly as PayProp. But unlike some software, PayProp support is super accessible.  Instead of being given a web form or an e-mail address, with PayProp you can get through to a local team of experts ready and able to help. 

According to Sonia,

“Any questions asked are answered straight away. You don't have to ever wait for them." Sonia Wilson, Properties administrator

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