When East Vista Management set their sights on growth, they knew they needed a scalable and efficient property management solution to help handle the burgeoning workload. In their research, they discovered PayProp – a transformative tool that not only met their immediate needs but also played a pivotal role in driving their expansion.

Interview with

Ximena Davidson
Ximena Davidson
Property Administrator

Empowering growth

East Vista Management initially served 30 to 50 landlords. Since signing up for PayProp, their client base has surged to 135. Ximena Davidson credits PayProp’s powerful automation for this substantial growth.

By streamlining repetitive administrative tasks and reducing manual work, PayProp saved Ximena and her team valuable time and resources to focus on growth and development – a crucial element in the success of their business.

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“I don't think we could have grown our business the way we have in the last year without PayProp.” Ximena Davidson, Property Administrator

Client benefits

PayProp’s seamless integration allowing tenants to pay online from most Canadian bank accounts quickly and easily has earned the platform favour among Ximena’s tenants.

Landlords, on the other hand, appreciate PayProp’s speed. With funds transferred swiftly and securely, landlords receive payments promptly.

“Tenants love PayProp… Landlords love PayProp… PayProp is the most important tool we use for our business.” Ximena Davidson, Property Administrator
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Work-life balance goals

Ximena is grateful for the freedom and flexibility that PayProp has granted her not only in the workplace but in her personal life as well.

The ability to work remotely has allowed her to spend more quality time with her family. Whether she’s walking the dog or attending her children's swim meets, PayProp has provided the tools for Ximena to balance work and play efficiently.

“I can manage all the properties with my cell phone and then go back to the computer, get more payments approved, and then off I go.” Ximena Davidson, Property Administrator

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