Overwhelmed by admin and burdened by high banking fees, Pascual Candia needed a solution that would streamline operations. Handling rent payments manually was not only time-consuming but also impeded the growth of Venecan Property Management, his full-service property management business. Signing up for PayProp has been the key to its resulting efficiency and growth.

Interview with

Pascual Candia
Pascual Candia
President, Venecan Property Management

Breaking free from administrative tedium

Before PayProp, Venecan Property Management’s rent collection process consumed the first two weeks of each month. PayProp’s powerful automation and bank integration shrank this timeline to just the first five days, freeing Candia to redirect his focus towards other critical aspects of his business, such as winning landlord clients.

In the span of a year, Pascual’s portfolio has increased 100% to approximately 40 properties from Toronto to Hamilton – a testament to PayProp’s speed, time-savings, and efficiency.

“Since I started using PayProp a year ago, our business has doubled.” Pascual Candia, President
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More than a product

Property management is a fast-paced industry, so Pascual values the prompt and reliable support he receives from PayProp’s customer service team. Because PayProp is quick to respond to his queries, he can do the same for his clients, which has proved invaluable in maintaining his business’s reputation.

“The best part about PayProp is their customer service experience. It's a great product, but there's also great people behind the product.” Pascual Candia, President
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Seal of approval

For Pascual, that attentiveness makes all the difference. He wholeheartedly recommends PayProp to his property management peers, highlighting the platform’s role in his business's growth and overall operational efficiency.

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