Best property management software

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The true test of PropTech's value is if it can also help your clients. See the incredible benefits PayProp brings to your landlords and tenants.

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Neil Baldock, Charles David Casson
Best property management software

Property account

  • Channel and securely hold a landlord’s rental income
  • Reserve funds for emergency property repairs
  • Maintain a target balance by automatically topping up

Security deposits

PayProp allows you to hold client security deposits within a fully transparent system. Deposit funds are stored in a ring-fenced trust account, created specifically for you when you join PayProp.

More ways to pay

Give tenants the ability to make rent payments in various ways convenient to them – and you. With PayProp, tenants can pay via ACH debit, bank transfer or online via the Tenant portal.

Proof of payment

PayProp is a bank-integrated platform, so whatever amount is shown as paid – on the Tenant portal, a statement, or the platform – is a true reflection of the money that has been processed.

Best property management software

Tenant Assessment Report

PayProp’s Tenant Assessment Report gives agents more information to vet a tenant. Our report includes not just a traditional credit score, but also rental payment data for current or previous tenancies managed by PayProp-powered agencies.

  • More information than a normal credit report
  • Always  available for free
  • The PayProp Rental Risk Score

Best property management software

Integrated maintenance

PayProp’s integrated maintenance provides a simple and convenient way for you to manage maintenance and repair tickets and communicate progress. Save time by enabling tenants to log issues easily and on the go when they arise.

  • Log issues with properties
  • Invoices attached to tickets
  • Create payments from maintenance tickets
PayProp’s maintenance functionality in action

Best property management software

Proof of payment

PayProp allows agents to generate a proof of payment PDF from ABSA for any outgoing payment made through the system.

  • Comes directly from the bank
  • A PDF which can be printed easily
Dave Ellis
Dave Ellis
Hanlyn Property Management
When I’m having the initial conversation with a new client, I explain the benefits – like the increased chance that tenants pay the correct rent on time because of the automatic invoices and reminders.

More features

Client communications

Automate all your payment communications and account statements at the push of a button.

Landlord & tenant benefits

The true test of PropTech value is if it can also help your clients – whether indirectly by speeding up payment processes, or directly.

Arrears management

Catch arrears before they become a problem with live payment status views. Send proactive reminders via email and text message.

See PayProp in action

Let us show you how to get more out of work and more out of life!

  • Real-time property management
  • Real-time bank integration
  • Real-time reconciliation & payments