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January is the time to finalise your marketing goals for the year, but do you know yet how you’re going to achieve them?

We’ve asked some of our marcomms experts to share their top tips for 2024.

Brenly McCulloch, Head of Marketing, PayProp North America

As management consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured, gets managed”. That’s why conversion tracking is one of the most effective and simple ways to increase your marketing success in 2024.

The first step is to understand your website’s goal: whether that's clicks on your property listings, downloads of an asset, or phone calls from landlords. Once you know what to track, you can set up those conversion goals in Google Analytics to understand what traffic sources convert the highest, what pages prospects view before converting, and so much more. (And if you aren't leveraging Google Analytics on your website yet, you are missing out on critical information!) You can also use tools for call tracking, which provide you with a phone number to put on your website and track when calls are made to your business.

Carel Alberts, Group Head of Communications, PayProp

Get to know your audience. If you're trying to sign more landlords, are they in a specific area? Are you in a position to target institutional landlords with big portfolios or are you happy to grow more gradually by adding smaller, individual investors? Where do they get their marketing information, and what do they need that nobody else can give them quite like you?

This will decide what value proposition and social proof you should focus on, the mediums and channels to use, key messages you want to lead with, and other specifics to call out, such as region. Settle on a select mix of channels that work well together, e.g. blog articles combined with 'pull' e-mails and social media, but be open to creative solutions if those don't work.

Jessica Mole, Head of Marketing, PayProp UK

Like sticking to any New Year’s resolution, consistency is key. Putting out consistent content across all marketing channels for each campaign has numerous benefits for capturing new leads, growing your audience, retaining clients, building brand trust and so much more.

Trial a content calendar to regularise e-mail marketing, social media, your blog and more. And use those channels to start a conversation – engage with your followers, read their comments on your social media and blog posts, and see what is getting engagement.

Vilje Visser, Head of Marketing Analytics, PayProp

Customer testimonials can be a game-changer in the real estate industry. Identify and encourage your satisfied clients to share their experiences, focusing on aspects like the ease of renting through your agency and the quality of your customer service. Display and share these testimonials prominently on your website, in property listings, and across your social media channels.

Using real customer stories paints a picture of the quality service prospective clients can expect from you, which helps them visualise working with your agency.

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