Jaco Truter has always had a passion for property, but he also knows that life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Thanks to PayProp’s administrative time savings, he can set a work-life balance that lets him oversee his business effectively while also pursuing his love of motorcycles and helicopter flying.

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Jaco Truter
Jaco Truter
Owner, Jaco Truter Real Estate

Working from a distance

Spending so much time on the road or in the air, Jaco needs a platform that enables him to work from wherever he is. With PayProp, he can log into his account from anywhere, on any device, and reconcile all his payments in just a couple of clicks.

PayProp’s reports, generated in real time from bank transactions, also give him total visibility over his business – meaning he doesn’t have to worry about how his portfolio is performing when he’s enjoying some well-deserved time off.

“When I’m on a motorbike or in a helicopter, it’s like therapy to me. It’s a stress reliever. It’s something I like to do that takes my attention away from the stress of work.” Jaco Truter, Owner
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Climbing fast

But using PayProp isn’t just about managing his existing business and work-life balance more easily. Jaco says his rental portfolio has grown exponentially since signing up with PayProp, thanks to automation streamlining administrative processes and giving him more time to focus on growth.

“If I had to run my business without PayProp, I would not have grown as much as I have, because I would have spent more time administrating the current properties. I would probably not have pursued rentals at all.” Jaco Truter, Owner
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Getting where he wants to go

With PayProp streamlining his rental payment administration, Jaco can balance a successful and growing business with an adventure-filled lifestyle – like the time he took a 5 000-kilometre motorcycle road trip across South Africa.

“Without PayProp, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.” Jaco Truter, Owner

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