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PayProp automates agents’ billing of interest on rent arrears to protect landlord cash flow

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A screenshot of the PayProp dashboard showing tenants in arrears

PayProp, South Africa’s leading rental payment platform for property practitioners, has unveiled its new automated arrears interest billing feature, available to all PayProp users in SA, the UK and US at no extra charge.

The eagerly awaited feature gives rental agencies using PayProp even greater control over timely tenant payments and will help earn landlord confidence by protecting their cash flow – failing which daily interest can automatically be levied for the landlord’s account.

Duty of care

Having been entrusted with processing agencies’ client funds securely, quickly and reliably since 2004, PayProp takes this custodial duty very seriously.

The PayProp platform already enables agents to place only the most reliable tenants through its integrated Tenant Assessment Report and credit checks; sends automated payment reminders to late payers; and automates arrears recovery right up to legal proceedings, if need be – backed by a permanent auditable transaction log that can be used as evidence in court.

Adding automated interest on arrears billing to this formidable set of protections will give landlords the confidence of another line of defence against defaults.

Handle with care

Jan Davel, Managing Director of PayProp SA and Group Head of Regulatory Compliance and Risk, cautions that a rental agency can only charge interest on rent arrears if this is provided for in the lease agreement. He emphasises that it is only payable to the landlord: an agency may not take this interest as their own fee.

Under PayProp’s End User Licence Agreement, the feature may at any rate not be used for debt collection in terms of the Debt Collectors Act (114 of 1998), even if an agency is registered as a debt collector.

The amount of interest must further be reasonable and not contravene any applicable legislation.

How it works

The new interest on arrears billing feature automatically calculates and applies interest on overdue rent payments, based on flexible rules set by the agent.

PayProp users can choose a billing start date and set the percentage interest to charge daily, after which billing will automatically happen on the total outstanding amount at month-end, along with the new due rent.

Freeing up your time to do more

By streamlining the payment recovery process, property businesses can redirect valuable resources towards core operations and growth initiatives, while incentivising prompt payment and improving landlord and agency commission cash flow.

"At PayProp, we constantly strive to make property managers’ work easier by automating as many of their payment administration tasks as possible,” says Bruce Jackson, PayProp’s Chief Technology Officer.

“We are confident that the automated interest on arrears billing feature will save you time and allow you to focus on your business’s real priorities, rather than on time-consuming payment administration."

Sarah Fourie, PayProp’s Head of Client Services in South Africa, is excited about what the new feature represents:

“With each new feature, PayProp continues to empower the residential rental industry and add value through innovative solutions that empower businesses.”
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