When Tyson Properties expanded its successful real estate operations from Kwa-Zulu Natal to the Western Cape, the company sought a reliable rental management system to help manage the added properties. Choosing PayProp for its easy-to-use functionality and excellent support services, the new office was assured of a smooth setup experience to hit the ground running in its new market.

Interview with

Andre Langeveldt
Andre Langeveldt
Director, Tyson Properties Western Seaboard

PayProp's user-friendly design empowers Andre Langeveldt and his team to effortlessly switch between a sales mindset and a rentals one, enabling them to automatically collect, reconcile, and pay out rent for a growing property portfolio. This peace of mind is further bolstered by Andre’s ability to set up custom permissions for each platform user, giving them access to only the information and account actions they need to do their job while keeping client data and funds secure at all times.

PayProp adapts to what Andre’s team needs, making their work more efficient and enjoyable, and helping them focus on giving their clients the best service.

“PayProp works extremely well for us as a system. It's stress-free and it's really easy to manage.” Andre Langeveldt, Co-Director
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Proactive management

Using PayProp’s comprehensive drill-down dashboard, Andre can both see the health of his business at a glance and quickly identify and analyse trends for more insightful decision-making.

The platform also notifies Andre and his team when a tenant falls behind on rent, allowing them to take immediate action, such as sending payment reminders, phoning them, or initiating eviction processes.

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“PayProp, in terms of the service standards they've got, and the sales staff, I would rate right at the top.” Andre Langeveldt, Co-Director

Best of all, it took just one day to master the platform. Drawing on his eight years of experience in training, Andre recognised the superior quality of PayProp’s onboarding process, praising its pacing, clear breakdown of information, and attentive instructors. Additionally, he appreciates the optional monthly training sessions offered by PayProp, allowing for periodic refreshers as needed.

With PayProp, Tyson Properties Western Seaboard continues to flourish in the Western Cape.

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