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After months of redevelopment, PayProp is excited to launch the latest and greatest version of our payment platform yet. The new-look PayProp incorporates the latest technology but provides the same business-enhancing benefits that our clients have come to expect from the SA market leader.

At its core, PayProp exists to help property professionals around the world get more out of work and more out of life. 

Whether you’re a start-up rental business or an international real estate giant processing millions of rands, dollars or pounds every month, you can rely on PayProp to run your rental payment process like clockwork, so you can get on with running your business. 

Simple sophistication

That deceptively simple value proposition rests on major sophistication under the hood, and it has kept PayProp a front-runner in rental payment automation since 2004: 

  • Real time rental payment processing automates incoming and outgoing transactions for tenants, landlords and property professionals.
  • Real time bank integration means your PayProp account always has live and accurate totals.
  • Real time reconciliation and payments means you can reconcile your PayProp account for your entire property portfolio in a couple of clicks.
  • Real time communication automates your invoices, receipts, statements and reminders to keep payments up to date.
  • Real time security means you can rest easy knowing our platform is safe and secure.
  • Real time arrears management sees tenant balances updated instantly, allowing clients to approve automated payment reminders.
  • Real time tenant damage deposit management lets you and your tenants know how much is being held.
  • Real time property maintenance fund management lets landlords see via the Owner app how much is held and what it is being spent on.
  • Real time tenant risk assessment lets South African clients get up-to-date credit reports and rental payment data on prospective and current tenants.  

Our latest platform developments continue in this tradition of innovation. New products and features, such as our free maintenance ticketing system, are currently being tested by a selected group of early access clients.

What’s changed?

PayProp is for everyone, so accessibility is at the heart of the latest redesign. The platform now also takes advantage of assistive devices and technology to ensure those who rely on its tools are not excluded from the power of PayProp.

The PayProp team has paid particular attention to the consistency of the platform interface, making the entire user experience simpler and more pleasurable. This has been achieved by creating components that can be used and reused across different pages on the platform. As a result, new users can master the platform more quickly, while existing users will intuitively understand new features. 

The new components also help deliver a platform that scales across any device. Whether rendered on a widescreen monitor or a phone, pages will seamlessly scale to the correct size and formatting requirements, no matter the orientation or device you’re using.

By standardising components across PayProp we’ve also built a framework that allows PayProp’s development team to deliver new features faster. Instead of creating new platform pages from scratch, developers can now use the standard new components and frameworks to speed up their creation.

Quicker innovation

Thanks to these new standardised components, our team now spends less time maintaining the redesigned platform. This in turn allows us to dedicate more resources to new developments. One example is our new asynchronous reporting feature, which allows property professionals to request large dataset reports and to be notified by e-mail when they are ready, rather than having to wait on a report page for the data to be compiled and then downloaded. 

In addition, our development team can respond quicker to demands from clients, which is already having an impact on property businesses in South Africa, the USA, Canada and the UK. A recent example of this new approach is the revised owner statement, which was redesigned based on comprehensive feedback from our clients. 

Putting our clients first

“We’re excited for our clients to get their hands on the latest and greatest version of PayProp,” said Jaco van Eeden, Chief Product Officer, PayProp. “They are at the heart of everything we do at PayProp and our redesign has been built around the needs of the modern property professionals.”

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