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Contractor invoices automated with PadBoss & PayProp

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Duplicating information from contractor invoices used to be an inevitable part of property management. Now, thanks to PayProp’s latest integration with PadBoss, this time-consuming process can be automated, saving you and your team time, ensuring accuracy and allowing you to pay your contractors the same day the rent is received.

What does it do?

Using PadBoss to scan contractor invoices, your team need only check the details and press a button to load those details directly onto your PayProp account, automatically creating the correct payment instruction to be approved by you. 

This ensures that, when the rent is received for that month, the contractor is paid on the same day – or otherwise within the pre-approved agency payment rules, as set up on PayProp.

How does it work?

PadBoss uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to ’read’ the invoice including the amount, contractor details, the property worked on and the details of the work undertaken.

The app provides PayProp clients with an exclusive dedicated e-mail address to enable contractors to submit their invoices for work done on properties managed by the agency.

Once an e-mail is received, the app converts electronic invoices (JPG or PDF attachments) and creates an online version that the agency’s team can review on PadBoss and publish to PayProp.

Speed and accuracy – the perfect mix for property management

Thanks to this latest integration, you can rest assured that your contractor invoices scanned by PadBoss will be 100% accurate, meaning your contractors won’t be over- or underpaid, and the invoice number will be correct, making it easy for them to match your payment to their invoice.

What’s more, the dramatic reduction in the time it takes to process a contractor invoice will not only see your contractors happier as they are paid faster, but also your team as they are released from the tedious task of data entry, giving them more time to contribute to growing your business.

To see PadBoss in action, book a demo with their team today.

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