Property management software for large property managers

Fast, integrated & secure rental payments for large property managers

Property management businesses with 1,000+ doors

PayProp integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack, allowing you to easily manage rental payments across all your business locations. Oversee finances with a live snapshot of your agency’s performance, anytime and from any device.

  • Detailed reports on your rental payments
  • Secure, automated, compliant trust accounts
Large businesses

Save time by working smarter

Large and franchise property management companies enjoy effortless scaling and optimization benefits from adopting PayProp as their automated rental payments platform. PayProp offers a streamlined process that allows large agencies to manage all rental payment admin from a single location, or share the work across your branch network.

In either case, the platform's real-time reporting capabilities empower decision-makers within your business to access up-to-date financial insights, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions to enhance and grow the business.

Large franchise businesses using PayProp reduce rental payment admin by up to 70%.

a group of people sitting around a table with laptops

Large multi-site businesses using PayProp

Large businesses love these features


PayProp’s advanced industry trends analysis keeps you fully informed, allowing you to make the best decisions possible for your rental business.

Client communications

Never forget to send invoices, statements or receipts again. Automate branded invoices, payment notifications and reminders to your tenants and landlords.

Arrears management

Spot and prevent bad payment behaviour before it becomes an issue. PayProp’s live payment status view shows you the moment rent is late. Send proactive rent reminders via e-mail and text and automatically charge arrears fees.

David Davies
David Davies
Director, David Davies Sales & Lettings
After taking the plunge and joining PayProp, it has streamlined my payments and audit trail for me and my landlords. I would recommend any size rental agency to consider the benefits of PayProp.
PayProp-powered businesses grow on average 20%* in their first year
*Percentage based on average growth of PayProp CA clients from 2020 to 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use PayProp from any device?

Yes. PayProp is optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone use.

Does PayProp integrate with other systems?

Yes, PayProp works with Fixflo, Teclet, Xero (thanks to our partnership with Automated Accounting), Homebox and PadBoss, with more integrations being added all the time. You can also integrate PayProp with your preferred in-house software, thanks to our fully-documented API.

How much does PayProp cost?

We make pricing easy. Your cost is based on the size of your portfolio – the more you process, the lower your percentage fee. Speak to our team for a proposal tailored to your business. Learn more about pricing.

Is PayProp for you?

PayProp is for any real estate professional who processes residential rental payments on behalf of landlords, including letting agents, property managers and more.

Why should I request a demo?

Once you have filled in the demo request form, one of our PayProp experts will reach out to book your demo at a time that is convenient for you.

Demos are one-on-one sessions where you'll get a detailed look at the PayProp platform, how integration and transition work, and more detailed pricing information based on your unique business.