Tenant arrears management software

Stay ahead of arrears

Catch arrears before they become a problem with live payment status views. Send proactive reminders via e-mail and text messages to prompt tenants to pay their rent.

  • Payment reminders
  • Live payment statuses
  • Automated late fee billing
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Tenants in arrears graphs

Effective arrears management

See how PayProp helps property managers manage and reduce tenant arrears from day one.

Tenants in arrears graphs

Long-term arrears trends

Every month PayProp’s management reports will give you a snapshot of tenant payment data, letting you see how effective your team is at chasing arrears.

Dashboard arrears alerts

PayProp knows exactly when the rent is due for each of your tenants. If a tenant misses a payment, it is automatically highlighted on your PayProp dashboard so you can take action.

Tenants in arrears dashboard notification

More ways to pay

Your tenants get many easy ways to pay with PayProp, including online, via wire transfer and using pre-authorized debits – so no matter if the bank is closed, they can still pay the rent.

Payment card
Text message reading: Hello Katie.  Please pay your outstanding rent by tomorrow. Thank you!

Instant arrears alerts

PayProp shows and notifies you when a tenant hasn't paid. Send e-mail and text reminders easily from within the system – 64% of tenants respond within 48 hours.

Prevent and reduce arrears

Get better tenants

Tenant Assessment Report

PayProp’s Tenant Assessment Report gives agents more information to vet a tenant. Our report includes not only a traditional credit score, but a combined score based on rental payment data from previous tenancies managed by PayProp-powered agencies.

  • More information than a normal credit report
  • Always  available for free
  • The PayProp Rental Risk Score
Tenant receiving a arrears letter
A stamp reading Final Notice
Payment performance

Tenant payment profiles

PayProp will create a snapshot of tenant payment data on the 8th of each month, which the main administrator can check from the 10th of each month before submission. This process can be automated.

  • Building a better picture of tenants’ ability to pay
  • Data-enriched Tenant Assessment Reports
Arrears communication

Rent arrears letters

  • Generated at the push of a button
  • Completely transparent
  • The arrears amount is read directly from bank files, which are integrated with the PayProp platform
Tenant receiving a arrears letter
Quick rent payouts

Letters of demand

If tenant arrears are not reduced as a result of PayProp’s friendly payment reminders, agents can send the tenant a letter of demand through the PayProp system. This letter is a formal legal instrument and can be used as a precursor to an eviction notice if the tenant still fails to settle their debt.

A stamp reading Final Notice
The tenants in arrears feature is really helpful for us. I can see immediately how much money is outstanding for each tenant. I love that we can communicate directly through it too. If I’m too busy to call, I can send reminder e-mails or texts using PayProp.
Maxine Davis

Maxine Davis

Accounting Administrator, OrangeList
If I had a manual management system I would have to double my costs to cater for all the work.
Taryn Steven

Taryn Steven

Rawson Northriding
PayProp has enabled me to save on an additional member of staff to do my accounting. It’s so simple and produces statements that my landlords can understand.
Emma White

Emma White

B&W Lettings & Management Ltd
For me, the Tenant portal is a way to improve the tenant experience without sacrificing anything. Having the information at their fingertips, pulling up statements – it’s really convenient.
Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Chief Executive Officer, Harcourts
The product and service they offer would not only provide a better service than what we were already giving clients, but would also greatly reduce our time collecting rental payments, sending statements, paying contractors etc., amongst other numerous time-saving benefits which PayProp’s service provides. Absolutely brilliant!
Mark Prest

Mark Prest

John Prest Property Management

Trusted by thousands of property managers across the world

  • Simple
  • No long-term contracts
  • Seamless onboarding

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PayProp’s advanced industry trends analysis keeps you fully informed, allowing you to make the best decisions possible for your business.

Security and compliance

Thousands of property managers trust PayProp to manage their payments, so our top priority is to ensure that their data is kept secure.

Arrears management

Catch arrears before they become a problem with live payment status views. Send proactive reminders via e-mail and text message.

See PayProp in action

Let us show you how to get more out of work and more out of life!

  • Real-time property management
  • Real-time bank integration
  • Real-time reconciliation & payments