David Summerton is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry. Starting out in 1973 as an auctioneer, he now runs Harcourts Summerton with his team of 23 employees.

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David Summerton
David Summerton
Harcourts Summerton

The agency specialises in a wide spectrum of real estate services, including residential sales, commercial ventures, evaluations, auctioneering and, of course, property management. But after swapping to a different system, what brought David back to PayProp?

Ease-of-use is key

David and his business first joined PayProp 15 years ago. During the initial tenure, which lasted for about three years, David’s business needed extra reporting for commercial properties that PayProp did not offer. As a result, the business transitioned to another system that proved to be challenging and time-consuming. David recalls,

"This particular program [I switched to from PayProp] was rather difficult and cumbersome." David Summerton
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Realising the new software wasn’t working, David set up a time to see PayProp again and discovered significant advancements and innovations in the few years he had been away. This led to a pivotal decision to migrate back to PayProp, leveraging the platform's capabilities to streamline his company’s property management rent payment process.

Change for the better

After switching back to PayProp, David and his team right away noticed improvements in the platform’s user-friendliness.

"With PayProp, we were able to do it, and we can do the corrections and processing."  David Summerton
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While David’s day-to-day rental payment processing and admin can be actioned easily on PayProp, he and his team occasionally come across more challenging payment and reconciliation tasks, but a quick phone call to PayProp’s world-class support team always helps them tackle the more challenging tasks.

Building your business needs the right partners

Reflecting on his experience with PayProp over the years, David is vocal in his recommendation of the company, especially for those embarking on building a new rental portfolio.

"I would definitely recommend PayProp, especially for somebody starting out with a rental book." David Summerton

Transitioning from a manual paper or Excel-based process to automating payment admin is an easy step, according to David, and doesn’t just save time but money too.

“If you look at the cost versus the expenses versus your return… if you look long-term at your savings, it's actually a beneficial one.” David Summerton

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