Landlords call for automatic eviction of non-payers

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Ontario landlords are rallying for simplified and expedited eviction procedures.

An online petition with over 36,000 signatures requests that L1 eviction applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) be automatically granted without a hearing, subject to satisfactory proof of non-payment of rent – similar to the process currently used in BC.

The petition also advocates for stopping tenants delaying or postponing L1 eviction proceedings in most circumstances, and empowering private bailiffs with the same authority as sheriffs in executing evictions.

Toronto-area landlord Christopher Seepe says he created the petition in response to mounting frustration among small landlords who feel burdened by the sluggish pace of justice within the current system.

He estimates that delays at the LTB have directly resulted in about $1 billion of annual rental income loss for rental housing providers.

According to Seepe, by implementing automatic evictions, Ontario could potentially reduce the backlog of LTB cases by over 50%, offering a swift resolution to disputes and curbing potentially exploitative "cash for keys" schemes by tenants.

Will landlords get their wish?

As of the time of writing, neither the LTB nor the Government of Ontario has issued an official response to the petition, but granting automatic evictions would be a radical change of direction.

For now, landlords and property managers who want to beat the LTB backlog will need to look for other solutions. Preventing evictions starts with thorough tenant screening – checking their credit, income, job status, and even asking for a rental reference letter from their previous housing provider.

With PayProp's automated communication features, you can nudge tenants who are behind on payments with courteous and legally compliant reminders via e-mail and text. We also make it easy for them to pay arrears through multiple channels, such as Pre-Authorized Debits and instant bank transfers through our Tenant portal.

And if push comes to shove, you could consider negotiating a cash-for-keys deal that works for everyone involved.

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