Renters’ Bill of Rights on its way – do landlords have a say?

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The federal government is updating rental laws with a 'Renters' Bill of Rights’ in the upcoming budget on April 16.

These new measures aim to provide greater protection for tenants through increased transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Key initiatives include:

  • Creating a national standard lease agreement
  • Requiring landlords to disclose a property’s pricing history
  • Allowing rental payment data to affect credit scores
  • Providing federal funding to help tenants fight against 'renovictions'

But not everyone is happy with the bill as it stands. Some critics argue that the government’s priority should be building new rental units to address the ongoing housing shortage, while rental housing providers nationwide are simply hoping their own rights will also be protected.

Kevin Russell, Executive Director of the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia, advocates for extending the bill of rights to protect housing providers:

“There has got to be fairness in the system and right now we are not seeing that.”

“Maintenance, property taxes, utilities, insurance, all these things are real costs for rental housing providers," says Tony Irwin, president and CEO of the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO). "That has to be considered as part of a broader conversation."

Even if rental providers aren’t granted their own bill of rights, they still deserve a say in reforms that could significantly affect their businesses. With their deep understanding of the needs and perspectives of both landlords and tenants, property managers are well-positioned to advise policymakers on solutions that serve the interests of all involved.

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