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PayProp webinar recap – Trust Accounting: Get It Right or You're Done

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On Thursday, September 14, PayProp hosted a free webinar on the dos and don’ts of trust accounting.

PayProp's André Holtshausen and Samantha Ferreira teamed up with Peter Lohmann, CEO of RL Property Management, to discuss the essentials of trust accounting for residential property managers, starting with Peter’s Iron Law of Trust Accounting:

“You must always owe your client money; she must never owe you money.”

Drawing on his 15 years of experience managing property, Peter offered easy-to-follow tips on segregating trust accounts, handling security deposits, filing 1099s, and more. He also explained how a dedicated service provider like PayProp is integral to complying with local client money regulations, with examples from André and Samantha.

A brief Q&A session followed.

Peter provides even more property management industry expertise in his newsletter and podcast, and on X (formerly Twitter).

PayProp publishes a monthly newsletter, regular blog articles, and is active on social media. Stay tuned for future webinars.

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