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How Fortuna Management streamlined their business

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Kenia Puertas has a busy work schedule. As the head of Fortuna Management, she manages 120 properties across South Florida, while also offering property association management services.

In addition, she handles residential and commercial sales as part of Property Quest Realty. With so many different tasks to juggle, Kenia turned to technology to help her manage her payment administration. But it turned out to be surprisingly difficult to find the right solution – after trying out three different property management software platforms, she found that none of them really seemed to reduce her workload.

“It used to take me two to three weeks to get to the final deposit, which is what the client really focuses on,” says Kenia. Most of her month was taken up with processing payments – leaving her little time to focus on delivering great service, especially with her realty business to focus on as well.

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