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1 hour

Resolve customer incidents with AI and automation in PayProp


Ellie Bell-Jenks
Lettings Director, Dourish and Day

Learn how to quickly resolve incidents and communicate across teams and customers with Slack and Service Cloud, with generative AI and automation

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Behind every great customer-centric company is a highly efficient incident resolution process, quietly and quickly fixing issues as they arise. These enterprises have moved on from the traditional approach of gathering in virtual war rooms or communicating through long, confusing email threads. Instead, they’re using Slack, the productivity platform that brings together your teams, customers and your entire tech stack.

Join us to learn how to troubleshoot and respond to incidents effortlessly through Slack channels, communicate with external vendors and customers through Slack Connect, and strengthen customer relationships with Service Cloud. We’ll also demo how we resolve incidents at Slack and answer all your burning questions at the end.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to drive efficiency through automation
  • How to increase sales productivity
  • How Slack automates IT support while keeping the human touch

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