Hunters, founded in 1992, has established itself as the fourth-largest estate agency brand in the UK with a network of over 200 branches nationwide. Carrie Alliston, who first joined the group in 2003 and now oversees its lettings strategy as Director of Lettings, was looking for an edge to revolutionise the way Hunters manages its lettings operations – the aim, to drive growth, efficiency and transform their offering to clients. She found it in PayProp.

Interview with

Carrie Alliston
Carrie Alliston
Director of Lettings, Hunters

Automating accounting

Hunters was originally looking purely for an accounts package, but from a PayProp demo it was clear that the platform would better fit the unique needs of the Hunters business. “What PayProp offered us was all the time saving or the reporting, everything that we needed,” explains Carrie.

Carrie describes PayProp as a game-changer. 

“There are many ways to describe PayProp. I think it can be difficult at times because you want to say so much about how great it is. I must admit on occasion I've used the word magic.”Carrie Alliston, Director of Lettings
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A clear business impact

According to Carrie, moving their client accounting to PayProp has had “an incredible impact on the Hunters business. Not only from the branches that we own but for our franchisees and most importantly for our actual customers, the landlords and the tenants.”

The ability to pay landlords twice a day stands out as a unique selling proposition for the group. "One of the things that we particularly like is the way that we can pay landlords faster is just incredible. It's a real USP for us,” says Carrie. This speed and efficiency have strengthened Hunters' relationships with their clients.

Empowering growth

One of the primary reasons letting agency businesses sign up as Hunters franchises is to fuel their growth. And one of the key pillars Hunters uses to deliver that growth is PayProp.

"What we can offer by introducing [franchises] to PayProp is a way in which they can run their business more effectively and better and faster, allowing them to get more business. In the long term, PayProp has allowed us to take on a lot more business without having to employ additional staff.” Carrie Alliston, Director of Lettings
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Using PayProp as a growth platform due to the efficiencies it brings to Hunters’ operations has been a game-changer for the group and its clients, and is part of the reason it encourages its entire network to adopt PayProp, says Carrie. The belief is that PayProp can revolutionise the way the entire Hunters network operates and achieve long-term cost savings. It's not just a tool; it's a strategic move that can redefine how they work and serve their clients more effectively.

Ultimately, the journey with PayProp has not only streamlined Hunters’ operations, but has also been a catalyst for growth and innovation, positioning the brand as a forward-thinking and customer-centric estate agency in the UK.

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