Property management software compliance

Safe as houses

Security must go deeper than the little padlock on your browser. PayProp goes to extraordinary lengths to protect your business and secure your clients' money.

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Bank-grade security

All transaction information entering PayProp is encrypted using 256-bit SSL certificates. No information is ever passed unencrypted in a Web browser to PayProp, so nothing you enter as part of a secure PayProp transaction can be viewed, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.


Ring-fenced client accounts

PayProp makes it simple to meet the legal requirement for client funds to be held separately from business funds, but the platform goes further than this – allowing the funds for each property, landlord and intended purpose to be separated. This makes it impossible to pay out money that has not been paid in by the tenant for that purpose on that specific property.


Flexible user permissions

PayProp lets clients manage access to the platform by setting user permissions. With PayProp’s customisable permissions, you can control which parts of the platform users can access, safeguarding sensitive financial data and actions.


Remote off-site backups

PayProp has a robust backup process to ensure that even if all the main servers in the Amazon data centre are damaged, destroyed or hacked, a complete backup of PayProp, including all rental and payment data, is stored at our secure premises.

Insurance document

Property management software compliance

PayProp helps you to stay compliant

Using PayProp helps an agency comply with the rules governing property brokers. PayProp ensures its payment and reconciliation platform complies with the applicable industry laws, so agents automatically comply.

Property management software compliance

An audit trail of every transaction

PayProp's technology means money can’t go missing, as every action on the platform is tracked and stored in an undeletable log. If money is accidentally transferred to the wrong account or assigned to the wrong property, it is easy to establish what went wrong.

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Data storage and backup

Rigorous physical, digital, and personnel security protects your data. Once on PayProp, your data is encrypted and securely stored in our dedicated hosting facilities at Amazon’s data centres.

Application security

You can customise your user permissions to make sure no one can make a payment without your approval, giving you total control over your clients' money.

Real-time data duplication

Your PayProp data is replicated in real time across multiple data centres, so if a server is busy, loses power or the Internet connection is interrupted, you can get on with running your business.

Flexible user permissions

PayProp lets you control who on your team has access to what part of the platform. Protect your colleagues by only giving them access to the data and actions they need to do their job.

Insurance document

Property management software compliance

Professional indemnity insurance

In addition to Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection, PayProp also carries separate professional indemnity insurance to cover unforeseen eventualities.

Property management software compliance

Reconciliation team

Combining smart technology and a team of trained accountants helps us reconcile your client accounts down to the penny. They also flag any financial issues you may have on your platform, so they can be put right.

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Ring-fenced client accounts

PayProp makes it simple for you to keep your client money separate from your business funds, but we go even further than that – separating the funds by property, purpose and intended recipient, so every penny can be accounted for.

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Firewall security

On top of Amazon’s tried-and-tested security measures, we deploy firewalls to protect your data and the hardware that stores it. Our security systems are monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind.

256-bit SSL certificate

We protect your data with a special encryption key that allows data to be securely transmitted from our servers to your Web browser.

Yearly platform penetration tests

Once a year, we employ a team of white-hat hackers to attempt to gain access to PayProp and its servers. This helps us identify and overcome any potential weaknesses in our security, so your data is even safer.

Jo Blaise
Jo Blaise
Massey Property Services
PayProp is by far the best investment we made for our business. It saved a lot of time and even a whole member of staff became freed up to come back into the frontline! The peace of mind it gives when a key accounts person is off is worth every penny. What used to take 4 to 6 hours manually takes 20 minutes.

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Automated client accounting

Based on the rules you set, PayProp pays your commission, contractors, landlords and other recipients chosen by you.


Your data is enriched through our integrations with your other apps and tools.

Support and onboarding

Our friendly UK-based team of platform experts are ready to help you and your agency thrive.

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