Before he became a letting agent, Mark Shanta, currently the managing director of Shanta Residential, managed his own portfolio, and only later took on managing the properties of friends and family. In 2015, he took the leap to start Shanta Letting, and succeeded in growing his management portfolio to 140 properties – but with that growth came endless admin that sapped his time and resources.

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Mark Shanta
Mark Shanta
Owner, Shanta Residential

Rapid rent processing is the key to growth

In order to keep growing, Mark had to find a way of handling more rentals without devoting more time or capacity to it. Improving the rent collection and payment process became a key focus area for him, as collecting, reconciling and paying out the rents for just a third of the portfolio was “taking us the best part of the day, maybe closer to a day and a half”.

A year after implementing PayProp’s leading client accounting platform, the business had grown its managed portfolio to approximately 200 properties, thanks to the efficiencies gained from PayProp.

“We process around about 50 rents on the first of every month. It takes us now between five and ten minutes.” Mark Shanta, Owner
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The vast amount of time saved has been hugely liberating, allowing Shanta Residential to focus on expanding their business and building relationships with current clients and new landlords rather than being bogged down with admin. In short, automating a key but humdrum task freed Mark up to go out and bring on new business.

Landlord satisfaction

Landlords are equally impressed with PayProp, as they receive accurate and timely payments, along with automatic, bank-accurate statements. Thanks to PayProp’s cloud-based platform being accessible on any device, it also allows Mark to handle any landlord enquiries and rental payments even when he is out of the office.

“What I love about PayProp is that it gives me the mobility to process the rents wherever I am on any device.” Mark Shanta, Owner

The resulting landlord satisfaction gives the Shanta Residential team a real hook when they go out and speak to prospective clients.

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Support only a call away

Another invaluable aspect of the service Shanta Residential gets from PayProp is access to an award-winning support team who are there to help on the rare occasion that Mark’s team come across a complex problem.

“You need that support straight away, and knowing that you're able to pick up the phone and have the relationship with somebody on the other end of it, that will be able to sort it out for you, [is key].” Mark explains.

Long-term commitment

Could Mark ever go back to the old ways of manual property management and client accounting?

“Now that we've implemented it throughout the business, we couldn't imagine not having it.” Mark Shanta, Owner

And his advice to other agencies considering PayProp is emphatic.

“100 per cent I'd recommend PayProp to other agents.” Mark Shanta, Owner

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