Andrew Jack is the managing director of Belvoir Edinburgh and a director of Belvoir Belfast. Together, these two offices manage approximately 1,300 residential properties across the two world cities – but it hasn’t always been like that.

Interview with

Andrew Jack
Andrew Jack
Managing Director Belvoir Edinburgh & Director Belvoir Belfast

From landlord to lettings boss

Andrew's journey into property management began as a landlord. He experienced the ins and outs of property management as an owner operating in Edinburgh between 1999 and 2003, during which time he purchased, refurbished, and let out properties himself. Andrew says the hands-on experience he gained allowed him to understand the intricacies of property management and the key success factors to ensure success across his current Belvoir franchises.

Lockdown insights

When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, Andrew spent time analysing his businesses, looking for areas of improvement, among others identifying the processes governing rent collection, payment, reconciliation and communication. Ultimately this led him to PayProp.

“Once I saw PayProp and saw how it operated and how it worked, I was very clear that that was a system we wanted to use.” Andrew Jack, Managing Director
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Finding a partner that matches Belvoir’s values

For Belvoir, efficiency and transparency are core values. PayProp aligns perfectly with these principles, Andrew states.

“When I think about the reasons why we wanted PayProp, it's part of the ethos of the business to make sure that everything is done as efficiently and as transparently as possible, and PayProp allows us to do that a lot more than anything that we've come across previously.” Andrew Jack, Managing Director

In short, the platform's capabilities resonated with Belvoir's commitment to excellence. Andrew says that PayProp has seamlessly integrated into Belfast and Edinburgh’s daily operations, becoming an indispensable part of the business. Andrew is emphatic about the platform's value.

“It's become such an important part of our business. I just cannot see how it would not add that value to every other business.” Andrew Jack, Managing Director

This strong endorsement reflects the transformational impact PayProp has had on Andrew’s Belvoir operations.

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The personal impact

That being said, life’s about more than just business. Managing other people’s homes and money can be a stressful process, but Andrew has found some relief with PayProp.

“PayProp has really helped just to free up some time, relieve some of the stress that's involved in running a business, particularly when it comes to dealing with other people's money. That's quite an important part of what we do. PayProp has reignited the passion in our business.” Andrew Jack, Managing Director

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