North America
30 min

Pioneers of Change: How to unlocked your productivity potential with PayProp


Dylan Coffen
Owner, Dormehl Phalane

Join our Pioneers of Change webinar series and learn how companies are driving company-wide changes with Slack.

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One of the fastest-growing mobility companies in the world, Bolt offers ridesharing, scooter and bike rentals, as well as food and grocery delivery, to over 100 million customers in 45 countries. Europe’s first ‘super-app’ has been using Slack since 2017, when its hypergrowth triggered the need for a scalable solution that was as effective as it was beloved by new hires.

Joining our Pioneers of Change conversation is Mathis Bogens, Head of Internal Communications at Bolt, who will be talking about how businesses can use Slack to achieve organisational objectives by better connecting their teams and external stakeholders, improving knowledge sharing and unleashing productivity!

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to drive efficiency through automation
  • How to increase sales productivity
  • How Slack automates IT support while keeping the human touch

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