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Addressing compassion fatigue in property management

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Whether it’s a global pandemic, natural disasters, economic downturns, or any number of life’s uncertainties – big or small – property managers are there to provide stable housing for tenants who need it.

But when that line between professional responsibility and personal empathy starts to blur, it can leave you feeling exhausted, hopeless, and overwhelmed by the weight of others' struggles.

This is known as “compassion fatigue,” and there are tried and true ways to heal and prevent it:

Practice mindfulness

Take a few minutes every day to reflect on your own feelings – it can work wonders for keeping your head above water.

Whether it's a quick meditation session or jotting your private but potent thoughts down in a journal, grounding yourself can help you process and separate your own experiences and emotions from those of your tenants. Taking care of yourself means you can take care of others better.

Set boundaries

To further distinguish your business and personal lives, consider getting a separate work phone – that way, you can more easily switch off when outside work hours. For crucial requests such as a broken water heater, you can set up smart alerts with the help of an automated property management system rather than being overwhelmed by multiple requests that don’t require your immediate help.

When you are off-duty, give yourself your full attention. This could mean not responding to work emails during lunch breaks or taking a short tech-free stroll. Be patient with yourself and, if it’s not an emergency, inform others of a reasonable response time – for your sake as much as theirs .

Good to know: automated tools such as PayProp can efficiently manage rent payments and save hours of property management admin, freeing you up to focus on yourself without sacrificing productivity.

Seek support

Don’t go it alone! Whether it's a supervisor, trusted colleague, peer support group, or therapist, having someone for advice can empower you to feel more in control and less isolated. Others’ experiences can arm you with valuable guidance, tips, or even a welcome distraction, if that's what you need to overcome compassion fatigue.

You can't pour from an empty cup

Your ability to care for others is intrinsically tied to your own emotional well-being. By prioritizing self care, you'll be better equipped to support tenants effectively without taking on their stress in the process.

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