PayProp features

Our features

Freeing up your time, your money, your business for more.

Automated client accounting

Based on the rules you set, PayProp pays your commission, contractors, landlords and other recipients chosen by you. All this can happen on the same day the tenant pays the rent.

Security & compliance

Thousands of letting agents trust PayProp to manage their payments, so our top priority is to ensure that their data is kept secure at all times.


Your data is enriched through our API and integrations with other apps and tools.


PayProp’s advanced industry trends analysis keeps you fully informed, allowing you to make the best decisions possible for your lettings business.

Arrears management

Catch arrears before they become a problem with live payment status views. Send proactive reminders via e-mail and text message to prompt tenants to pay their rent.

Business continuity

Our fast & responsive platform scales dynamically to adapt to your changing requirements, whenever you need it, while tried and tested infrastructure is designed to keep your account secure.

Client communications

Automate all your payment communications and account statements at the push of a button.

Landlord & tenant benefits

The true test of PropTech's value is if it  also helps your clients – whether indirectly by speeding up payment processes, or directly by ensuring their money is safe.

Tenant portal

Give your tenants access to their own Tenant portal, hosted by PayProp but branded with your agency name, logo and contact details.

Support and onboarding

Our award-winning UK-based team of platform experts are ready to help you and your agency thrive.


PayProp’s maintenance tickets give you a simple and convenient way to manage maintenance and repairs.

Automating millions of transactions for thousands of agencies

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  • Real-time property management
  • Real-time bank integration
  • Real-time reconciliation & payments