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PayProp Rental Index Q2 2021 out now

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After 18-plus months, it now seems as if the country is slowly coming out of the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19.

Rental growth is showing signs of stabilising, and it is just possible that we have turned the corner at last. We also have some good news on the provincial front.

In the first of two case studies, RE/MAX brokerage owner David Rodgerson shares how he grew his portfolio to almost 1 000 properties with PayProp. And in the next, Precious Thoka of Thoka Properties tells the story of how he went from residential rental sceptic to true believer after seeing the power of payment automation.

At a time when everyone is reining in spending, landlords might wonder if paying agent commission is such a good idea – but in today’s market conditions, a good agent is worth their weight in gold, as our final article shows.

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