Neil’s team also sells residential properties and land, works with developers and provides block and estate management services. Providing all these diverse services to local tenants, landlords and homebuyers helped Neil and his brother Matthew to build a successful family business, but it also came with some big administrative overheads.

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Neil Baldock
Neil Baldock

Besides putting directors under stress, excessive admin was also limiting the agency’s potential for growth. Charles David Casson’s expansion plan was in part to acquire portfolios from other local agents, and this meant their processes had to be extremely scalable to accommodate sudden surges of extra admin.

"When PayProp’s sales team came to see us, we were just about to acquire another agency. It was going to double the size of our company. It was great timing: I could see how PayProp would help us scale the business, and that’s what convinced me. We implemented PayProp as part of the acquisition." Neil Baldock, Director

Four years on, Neil says that it was a great decision for Charles David Casson.

"PayProp has been instrumental in growing our business, especially in terms of streamlining our processes, saving time and finding efficiencies." Neil Baldock, Director

But beyond these headline benefits, PayProp has also helped the team to play to their strengths and develop specialised services that clients can’t get enough of.

Working together

Charles David Casson’s links with other local agencies go further than an acquisitive interest. As well as working with individual landlords, the team also provides outsourced property management services to other agencies.

With any other rental payment processing platform, accommodating such a unique and complex arrangement could have been an administrative nightmare: not just matching incoming and outgoing payments to the correct landlord, tenant and property, but also assigning everything to the correct business and providing regular reports. But thanks to PayProp’s smart reconciliation system, it’s a snap.

"PayProp has been great for providing outsourced property management. It’s the transparency: we can show other agents what income is going to them and what is coming to us." Neil Baldock, Director

And when Charles David Casson does buy out another lettings portfolio, PayProp is once again there to do what it does best: streamline the process.
“Previously when we did an acquisition, we had to manually enter all the new details. Now we can just upload the data exports into PayProp.
It saves a lot of administration time.”

Curing HMO headaches

While Charles David Casson works with all kinds of residential rentals, they specialise in houses of multiple occupation (HMOs), which are often held up by lettings experts as one of the toughest types of property to manage. On top of navigating local licensing laws and managing disputes between residents, agents also have to collect, attribute, pay out and potentially chase up rent payments from multiple tenants for one property and landlord – a task that he says he has streamlined no end using PayProp.

“We get multiple payments coming in from five or six tenants sharing a house, and what we can do is hold that money in the Property account and then pay out to the landlord in one go every month,” says Neil. “It’s a nice, simple payment structure for the landlord. They can see all the payments coming in throughout the month [using the PayProp Owner app], the one payment going to them, and then all the expenses as well.”

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Every penny accounted for

Reputation is key in the lettings industry, and the best way to retain a good reputation with clients is to religiously account for every penny. By using PayProp, Neil’s team finds it easy to do just that. Equally importantly, they can prove it to the landlords they work with.

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When agents process rent with PayProp, all incoming and outgoing payments are logged in real time in a permanent, uneditable record. That’s not only useful when landlords ask for updates on incoming rent payments – something Neil says used to be a never-ending task – it also ensures that client money is tracked and protected internally. PayProp’s transaction records are created in real time from live bank data and can’t be manually edited.

"With PayProp, we’ve got what I would say is the most secure way of handling money in the lettings industry. No money can be moved within the platform without the landlord getting a notification, even payments to contractors. I get a notification myself if one of my team changes a landlord’s bank details, so I can cross-check that with them and see the proof." Neil Baldock, Director

Neil has also invited his landlord clients to use the PayProp Owner app, giving them immediate self-service access to their own statements.

“We encourage all of our clients to use it,” he explains. “They don’t have to call us to get their statements, they’ve got a live view themselves. And they can see that they get their money very quickly: as soon as it comes in, it goes out to them.”

Neil sees his tech driven approach as enabling more personal service. By automating repetitive tasks like statement delivery, his agents can be there for clients when they are really needed.

“We’re a people business, backed by technology. We implement systems like PayProp to reduce the amount of administration we do, which means our property managers have more time to spend on their client relationships, talking to the landlords. And we don’t have to employ lots of people in an accounts team, so instead we can put good fee-earning people into the business.”

A great investment

A selling point for his agency, a force multiplier for his agents, and a massive time-saver for him: it’s no wonder Neil Baldock sees PayProp as a brilliant investment. Having used PayProp to streamline his business for the past four years, he still sees it as key to the long-term success of Charles David Casson.

"Every now and then I look at our figures and think about where we could save. But I can’t imagine going back to life before PayProp. It just wouldn’t be worth it. It would cost us a hell of a lot more if we employed someone to do the work that PayProp does." Neil Baldock, Director

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