Over the course of eight years, Laing Bennett Estate Agents expanded their property portfolio from six properties to well over 100. But with growth came challenges, including multiple payment dates for landlords and the increasingly cumbersome process of manual bookkeeping. The need for a more efficient and streamlined solution quickly became apparent.

Interview with

Ian Laing-Bennett
Ian Laing-Bennett
Accounts and Operations Director at Laing Bennett Estate Agents

In late 2016, Ian Laing-Bennett attended an ARLA Regional Meeting where PayProp was presenting their innovative automated rental payment and reconciliation platform. Intrigued by the potential benefits for his agency, Ian scheduled an in-person demo.

Within a week, a PayProp representative was at his office, showcasing the platform’s capabilities and the indisputable value it could bring to Laing Bennett Estate Agents.

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Efficiency unleashed

PayProp was an instant game-changer. Right away, Laing Bennett Estate Agents transitioned from making landlord payments on three different dates each month to disbursing all owner funds on the same day – a move that made their customers very happy as it put money in their hands quicker than ever.

On top of that, PayProp's seamless integration with the agency’s client bank account has freed Ian from the frustration of having to manually transfer and print payment data, which has not only saved time but also reduced the risk of human error.

“PayProp has allowed us to streamline what was a very time-consuming and complex process into a very slick task which we can run every day.” Ian Laing-Bennett, Accounts and Operations Director
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Automation at its best

One of PayProp’s standout features is its powerful automation. PayProp's automated, bank-integrated reconciliation ensures that all payments are swiftly and accurately allocated to the correct tenants, properties and beneficiaries.

Tenants also receive automated rent invoices and late payment reminders and, once the rent is settled, payment notifications, thereby improving rent collection, communications and tenant satisfaction. On the landlord side, automation extends to delivering monthly statements and notifications of payment into their bank accounts. 

“This has changed my business, not only in saving time processing the lettings accounts, but giving a better service to our landlords, which has in turn brought new properties into my portfolio.” Ian Laing-Bennett, Accounts and Operations Director

Reaching their full potential

Signing up for PayProp has been nothing short of transformative for Laing Bennett Estate Agents. Through automation, Ian and his team are now better equipped to meet the demands of a growing property portfolio, and have redefined themselves as an efficient, forward-thinking, customer-focused agency in the competitive private rental sector.

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