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“Pet-friendly” is the top amenity for rental properties

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Finding a pet-friendly home has become the top priority for a majority of renters, surpassing coveted amenities like in-unit laundry and parking.

Data from Zillow reveals that twice as many renters filter for pet-friendly listings compared to any other amenity in the 25 largest rental markets in the US.

The top three pet-friendly cities are all located in Texas, with Dallas leading the pack at 79% pet-friendly rental listings, followed closely by Austin and San Antonio. Interestingly, the most popular dog breed across all three cities is the Labrador Retriever.

Nationally, 59% of renters report having at least one pet, and 40% have a dog.

Should you allow pets in your rental property?

For property managers and landlords, accommodating pets can present challenges, but also opportunities. While they have the right to restrict pets on their premises, many housing providers are finding ways to minimize risk instead of shutting themselves out of this growing market completely. These include allowing only one pet per unit, charging pet deposits, or restricting certain dog breeds.

By implementing such measures, property managers and landlords can strike a balance that satisfies both pet-owning renters and their own concerns.

For a deeper dive into the pros and cons of pet-friendly rentals, check out our blog.

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