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Pioneers of Change: The secrets of successful change management


Jaco Truter
Owner, Jaco Truter Real Estate
Mark Shanta
Owner, Shanta Residential

Join Ocado Retail as they share their experiences, tips, and lessons learned from their successful rollout of Slack. The best — maybe the only? — real, direct measure of “innovation” is change in human behaviour. And while everyone agrees that managing change is tough, few can agree on how to do it.

While one size doesn’t fit all, there are plenty of things we can learn from each other as we transform our organisations.

Charlotte Graham, Business Change Manager at Ocado Retail, will join our Pioneers of Change series, and share how to successfully lead and engage people through a move to Slack, how to effectively communicate changes to everyone, and how to ensure people are quickly productive using the new platform.

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Things you’ll learn:

  • How to drive efficiency through automation
  • How to increase sales productivity
  • How Slack automates IT support while keeping the human touch

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