Rhiannon had been a huge advocate for PayProp since 2018, when the company joined the platform at the behest of a previous Director. She says the hands-on, friendly guidance from PayProp’s award-winning support team made it easy for the agency to transfer the payments portion of its portfolio of residential properties and student houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) from its previous customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Interview with

Rhiannon Llewellyn
Rhiannon Llewellyn
Co-Director at Lang Llewellyn & Co.

PayProp’s powerful but straightforward technology significantly lightened Rhiannon’s workload, and there was no doubt that Lang Llewellyn & Co. would remain a client under her management.

Time for a change

Since the restructuring, Lang Llewellyn & Co. has been making significant strides in its operations and the broader lettings industry. But success comes at a cost. There used to be a time when Rhiannon didn’t leave the office for the first three days of the month, she says.

Between 2012 and 2018, she and her business partner had to manually process statements for each of their 300 properties individually. The more tenants they took on, the more payments they had to process, one after the other. To make things worse, their system at the time would often glitch and cause them even more stress.
After years of inefficiency, tedium and sacrificed holidays, Rhiannon finally sought out a solution in 2018.

"I’d be shut away in the office for hours, sometimes days. I couldn’t keep that up. One demo with PayProp was all it took to convince us to make the switch." Rhiannon Llewellyn, Co-Director at Lang Llewellyn & Co.

Gaining momentum

Now, first thing when she gets into the office, all Rhiannon has to do is check the client money accounts, perhaps approve a pressing invoice or an arrears reminder text (automatically generated), and she’s done with banking for the day. Automation takes care of all the fiddly bits.
Then she can get on with actual revenue-generating tasks. Lang Llewellyn & Co. is currently working on increasing its range of services and acquiring more portfolios, coming ever closer to that £1 million turnover milestone – all goals that the agency was previously held back from reaching by overwhelming admin.

"In just 10 minutes, PayProp completes payment and reconciliation processes that used to take us three or four hours every day." Rhiannon Llewellyn, Co-Director at Lang Llewellyn & Co.

Favourite features

In the excitement of launching a new business, Rhiannon was looking to streamline as many tasks as possible. She was thrilled when she learnt about PayProp’s fully documented API and third-party integrations with some of the most popular systems used by letting agents across the UK.
And alongside its core payment processing features, PayProp itself offers other exciting features Rhiannon can no longer do without.
The new management reporting features enable her to clearly and at a glance show investors that her business is solvent and growing. She simply pulls up the colourful pie charts and all the upward-trending graphs during meetings – even comparing the business with others in the area. “I love refreshing the dashboard to watch our income rise,” says Rhiannon.

And while the agency benefits from management reports, their landlords get real-time visibility of their portfolio and payment history through the PayProp Owner app – much to their delight. Meanwhile, tenants remain in the know and can make payments via the Tenant portal.

"PayProp is constantly evolving and bringing in new features. To us, that means we can evolve our business alongside it." Rhiannon Llewellyn, Co-Director at Lang Llewellyn & Co.

Everybody wins

The launch of the new restructured and rebranded Lang Llewellyn & Co. was warmly received with gifts, congratulations, and excitement from landlords, tenants and contractors alike.

Rhiannon leads her independent letting business with total confidence, knowing that its service and value are a match for any big franchise estate agency. With PayProp handling time-consuming payment and reconciliation tasks, she is able to consistently provide clients with high-quality service and properties.

Personally, Rhiannon has more time back to spend with her family. She and her business partner don’t have to worry about leaving work unattended or piling up while going on holiday anymore because they can handle all admin on the go, at the click of a button.

"Thanks to PayProp, I’m no longer bound to my desk, and both my personal life and my business have greatly benefited from that freedom." Rhiannon Llewellyn, Co-Director at Lang Llewellyn & Co
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