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3 tips to avoid rent checks lost in the mail this holiday season

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The US Postal Inspection Service has warned Americans that more rent checks could get lost in the mail during the holiday rush.

Rent checks lost in the mail

Apart from the obvious issue of landlords’ lost rent checks, property managers and their clients could also face serious legal and financial consequences if arrears letters or maintenance notices don’t reach recipients in time this holiday season.

The US Postal Service (USPS) experiences a massive spike in mail volume this time every year. As can be expected, complaints about late or missing mail increase right alongside it.

Protect yourself

To add to the weather woes and seasonal overflow of mail, recent months have seen a resurgence of "old-school" criminal activity like check washing and mailbox fishing.

This kind of illegal conduct is most prevalent in Florida and Texas, but postal inspectors and criminologists fear it is growing more widespread.

How can property managers protect themselves, their clients, and their assets against seasonal delivery slowdowns and sticky fingers?

First, consider switching to online banking. According to JPMorgan, about 78% of property owners are still paid with traditional checks and money orders. These payment methods naturally lend themselves to delays, loss, and theft if delivered by mail rather than by hand.

With a bank-integrated rental payment system like PayProp, tenants can pay using ACH debit that landlords can receive on the same day if they’re both with the same bank – no mailboxes, no risk. 

If a landlord or tenant insists on paying by check, advise them to write it in indelible gel-based ink and send it from their local post office, not a street mailbox. This is a wise habit to have year-round.

Book a free demo to see how PayProp offers property managers bank-informed accuracy, iron-clad security, and peace of mind all year long.

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