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World Mental Health Day 2023: Tips for stress relief in the rental industry

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It’s no secret that property management is a stressful industry. Property managers often spend so much time delivering for their clients that their own stress management falls by the wayside.

In a 2022 survey of US residential and commercial property managers, 74% said their job had a negative impact on their mental health, and 58% on their physical health. And out of ten options, mental health and the inability to "switch off" after hours was ranked as the second most difficult aspect of the job.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In observation of World Mental Health Day on October 10, better awareness about mental wellness in our industry is crucial – as is exploring how we can all take better care of ourselves without sacrificing productivity.

Care for your body

Physical and mental health are intrinsically linked, so staying active, eating well, and getting enough rest are key to reducing stress.

And it’s possible to do so without completely overhauling your diet or exercise regimen. Small, more realistic changes can still add up to a big difference in how you feel physically and mentally.

For example, if you’re able, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take portable devices outside to breathe fresh air and soak up some sunlight while you work – weather permitting. Grabbing a snack from the vending machine for lunch is convenient but packing a healthy lunch is nourishing.

Modifications like these are also typically more sustainable than drastic, intimidating lifestyle transformations.

Call for backup

There’s no shame in asking for help if you feel burdened by a heavy workload. At the office, there may be room for accommodation if you kindly request to delegate duties.

Colleagues are likely to sympathize and willingly lend a hand – especially if you return the favor when they’re crunched. The bonds between teammates are bolstered by this mutual compassion, and productivity should increase as a result of a more evenly distributed workload.

Work smarter

Perhaps most immediately effective, to reduce workplace stress we have to look at the way we work.

Often, the problem is that a lot of the work that property managers do is inherently stressful. Tasks like reconciling rent payments and sending out invoices are repetitive and time-consuming when done by hand – but they come with very serious consequences if you make a mistake.

The biggest benefit of property management software is to minimize property managers’ stress by automating that admin. By using PropTech to take care of tedious tasks like payment reconciliation, invoicing and payment reminders, you and the rest of your team can spend more time on more rewarding tasks like working with clients – and also enjoy the peace of mind that your admin is error-free.

Achieve mental stability and tranquility with automation

With the right tools, property managers can manage their stress as skilfully as they do their properties. For the benefit of your business and your health, this World Mental Health Day, take a moment to invest in the most important thing you have – yourself.

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