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Want to know why PayProp is described by one of our clients as magic?

To hear first-hand what PayProp means to residential rental professionals, we spoke to a range of our clients around the world – across the UK, Canada and South Africa. (Watch this space for some exciting new US-based client testimonials!)

Here’s a small selection of their comments, explaining how using our rental payment automation platform has transformed the way they run their businesses day-to-day.

Making the complex simple

Since starting to use PayProp, Canadian letting agents East Vista Management has come to believe it is the most important tool in their business.

Why? Because of the ease and speed with which it manages the complexities of rental administration behind the scenes, according to rules they set.

Saving valuable resource

Harcourts Summerton, a leading estate agent in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, reflects on how so many of their processes are now far easier and less labour-intensive.

They no longer spend hours on invoicing, chasing payments and reporting, saving huge amounts of valuable time.

Canada-based property management firm Venecan also singles out PayProp’s power to minimise time wastage in the manual rent collection process.

Why invest in PayProp?

Dave Votta first set up his UK-based company in Ramsgate, Kent, and recalls that PayProp was the very first investment he made.

Some of the advantages he noticed right away include PayProp’s dedicated support team and the convenience of being able to manage payments on the go – providing a whole new level of reassurance, efficiency and reduction in workload.

A huge thanks to all our clients who took part in the video!

See PayProp in action.

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See PayProp in action

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