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How to unlock success the PayProp way

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In today’s competitive marketplace, what sets one company apart from all others as a preferred employer and service provider? In short, modern customers and staff expect a level of care, authenticity and stand-out value from the businesses they deal with. 

In a recent survey, PayProp asked our South African employees what it is that makes their workplace special, and three core values came through loud and clear.

1. Innovation and adaptability

In our people’s own words, PayProp is committed to “keeping things fresh and cutting-edge”, always looking for opportunities to improve and foster learning to ensure departments and teams stay at the top of their game.

Crucially, the company embraces innovation to maintain its celebrated industry-leading payments platform and inspire its employees. Without that spirit of renewal, many of PayProp's most beloved features would not exist! 

PayProp’s “fearless approach to change” is rooted in the belief that change brings new opportunities and develops healthier workplace mindsets and habits.

Businesses that want to thrive in a constantly changing world must be willing to embrace change, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and hold regular brainstorming sessions where every idea is welcomed. Even the seed of an idea can lead to revolutionary solutions.

2. Putting the customer first

White-glove support is PayProp’s trademark – the company’s “hands-on, highly-trained customer service teams” often go above and beyond to provide a high service quality.

Listening to clients, understanding their needs and actively incorporating their feedback into the platform development process has created a loyal and satisfied customer base – some of whom have been with PayProp since the beginning.

There are challenges, of course – offering personalised, efficient customer support can be difficult (and pricey). Chatbots might seem like an easy fix, but when it comes to resolving more complex issues, humans bring a level of compassion and ingenuity that robots just can't match.

Clients are the lifeblood of any successful business. Treat them with unwavering respect and kindness, and watch as positive reviews come pouring in.

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3. Building a winning team

At the heart of PayProp's success is its diverse, creative, passionate workforce.

Often described by staff as not just as an employer but a “family and a home”, PayProp has worked hard at creating a culture of respect, inclusion and collaboration, where team members feel valued and empowered to contribute ideas without fear of judgement or ridicule, so prevalent in highly competitive tech environments.

PayProp places trust in its employees, offering flexible work arrangements and granting them the autonomy to manage their tasks efficiently.

As stated in our employee onboarding handbook, “We do not evaluate each other by hours and methods. We do not mind where you work – we trust you to work from the place you feel most productive. We hand you your freedom and encourage you to find balance in your life.”

PayProp also knows how to have fun! At the start of meetings (in-person or virtual), teams often take a moment to check in on everyone's weekend, ask about the kids or extend an open invite to a group lunch later in the day.

Being blessed with flexibility comes with its own challenges to foster a sense of in-person camaraderie. To ensure that, PayProp has put the work in with dedicated apps for casual non-work chat, regular company get-togethers for departments and entire regions, as well as in-person team building and training sessions, further strengthening that sense of company spirit.

Jan Davel, Global Head of Compliance & Risk and the Managing Director of PayProp South Africa, sums it up perfectly:

“There is immense pride in being part of PayProp. As our founder has more than once pointed out, a company is just a group of people working together toward a common goal – and PayProp more than fits the bill.”

A legacy of success

These business values and practices have propelled PayProp to the top of the PropTech market in South Africa, and more latterly the UK, an approach that has earned the brand numerous industry awards.

Our recent merger with Reapit promises an even bigger and better future, with the chance to infuse PayProp's product leadership, business success and vibrant culture into the broader organisation.

Always keeping in mind that success is not solely measured by headcount, customer count or revenue, at PayProp we firmly believe that a passionate and caring approach is essential for any business to achieve lasting success.

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