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Special Report reveals UK arrears after 12 months of COVID-19

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It has been over a year since COVID-19 hit the UK. Throughout the pandemic, we have been studying tenant arrears to give a picture of how tenants, landlords and agents are coping with the pandemic and publishing our findings in a series of Special Reports.

For our latest issue, we’ve looked at the past five quarters of arrears data from across the UK to identify patterns and consider the future of the market. Using a revised methodology, we’ve combined our arrears data with information from a variety of other sources to paint a clearer, richer picture of what has happened over the past year – both across the UK and in the various regions and countries.

The good news is there are fewer tenants in arrears than at the height of the pandemic, but the amount owed by those in arrears is significant – and increasing. What impact will this have on landlords and agents? Will a swift economic recovery allow tenants to pay off their debts? Or will the end of furlough see a bigger spike in arrears?

Download the Special Report to find out.

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