Ontario's high-speed Internet program gets $54 million boost

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On July 12, the Canadian and Ontario governments announced a $54 million investment to bring high-speed Internet to over 20,000 homes in 83 underserved communities across Ontario.

This funding comes as part of an ongoing accelerated high-speed Internet program Ontario established with the federal government in 2021. This March, both governments jointly pledged $48 million to their goal of connecting more than 280,000 homes across the province.

The Canadian government's ultimate goal extends to all citizens by 2030. Remarkable progress has already been made, with 93.5% of Canadian households now having access to high-speed internet, compared to 79% in 2014.

Having fast Internet can make rental properties more attractive to potential tenants – especially the growing group of remote workers. In fact, 87% of Canadian renters consider high-speed WiFi an essential amenity when looking for a place to live.

Additionally, by improving access in remote and rural areas, Ontario’s accelerated high-speed Internet program could help make attending virtual Landlord and Tenant Board hearings easier for landlords and tenants, resolving disputes quicker and reducing the backlog of cases.

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