30 min

What can agents do about tenancy agreement breaches?


Mark Shanta
Owner, Shanta Residential
Carrie Alliston
Director of Lettings, Hunters

It’s well known that tenants don’t always follow their tenancy agreements to the letter, but what are the most common breaches? Landlords further also reported other, no less troublesome types of tenancy breach. Over a quarter, 28%, had experienced tenants keeping unauthorised pets, while 27% said that tenants had smoked or vaped inside the property.

A new survey by insurance specialists Direct Line sheds some light on the issue, and the headline is sobering: a massive 83% of landlords have experienced at least one tenancy breach. According to their stats, rent arrears were the most common issue: 38% of landlords have had rent arrive late, short, or not at all. Causing damage was the second biggest issue behind rent arrears, with 36% of landlords reporting that tenants had failed to keep properties clean and maintained. Additionally, 29% of landlords said tenants had failed to report issues that needed repairing. Tenants’ well-meaning but thoughtless DIY can also be a problem. 28% of landlords reported tenants making alterations to the property, 25% said that they had had tenants redecorate, and 15% said that their tenants had changed the locks.

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